24.10.2019 Livestream of the press conference with Peter Haselsteiner

Press conference with Hans Peter Haselsteiner, Reinhard Bamberger and Jan Klima
Vienna, In a press conference the initiators Reinhard Bamberger and Jan Klima as well as investor Hans Peter Haselsteiner inform about the foundation of a new company, which will appear under the name "Frachtbahn Traktion GmbH" as a powerful private player in European rail freight traffic.


  • Who are the founders of FRACHTbahn?
    FRACHTbahn Traktion GmbH was founded by Reinhard Bamberger and Jan Klima as well as the Investor Hans Peter Haselsteiner as a private European Rail Cargo company.
  • What does FRACHTbahn stand for?
    FRACHTbahn is an innovative Rail Cargo company. Its flexible and lean operational team knows the Rail Cargo business from an operator- as well as a customer perspective.
  • What is FRACHTbahn’s USP?
    FRACHTbahn’s USP consists of three elements:

    Customer Minded – We understand the requirements of our customers and are there where they need us.
    Committed to On-Time – We are committed to 100% On-Time delivery. We keep our deadlines and agreements.
    Innovation Driven – We are the Innovation Leaders with regards to Customer Service, as well as disruptive developments in Rail Cargo.
  • Which customers is FRACHTbahn serving?
    FRACHTbahn is the right partner for all companies with transportation demand in Central Europe. We interconnect this area and all European economic centres.
  • When will FRACHTbahn start operations?
    The company has been founded and is currently starting up. Our first trains will run in 2020, setting a first and clear signal. From 2021 at the latest onwards FRACHTbahn will provide a comprehensive range of services, based on our own resources.
  • Are there any advantages, resulting from the affiliated WESTbahn?
    Yes – We see synergies in several areas, especially with regards to train drivers.